Who we are

Mehrdad Falsafioun was born and raised in Isfahan; a historical city with outstanding artisans and craftsmen. Growing up in a pioneer city in fostering expert artists, he started to take interest in styles of Persian crafts from around the country, infusing each style with his love of color, statement, and some sparkle.
He founded ParsiCraft store in September 2018 providing a wide variety of hand-picked crafts from the most well-known professionals of Iran. 
Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand using wood, silver, enamel, Khatam, tempered glass, copper, silk, cotton and some other high quality material.
He currently resides in Montreal, Canada.
The Parsicraft Shop carries the work of over 200 material artists and designers. Find luxurious handmade work of enduring quality, including Khatam-kari, Jewelry silver sets, women’s fashion and style, home decors, woodworking, wall hangins, gifts, hand-woven Termeh, accessories, and much, much more.