Isfahan Grand Bazaar

In Iran, bazaar is not only a shopping centre, but also since long times ago bazaar had certain specifications, which can not be seen in other parts of the world. The grand Bazaar of Isfahan is a complete covered town. The old Isfahan society was concentrated around the Bazaar. Bazaar is a trade and business complex close to all facilities necessary for a town. Bazaar and people who work in Bazaars have always been close and faithful to religions, culture and traditions. In short almost all activities of the city were concentrated around bazaars. There are various places and establishments regarding social affairs of people connected to bazaar. The grand Bazaar of Isfahan is a complete covered town. When entrances to the bazaar were closed, all facilities were available behind these closed gates and doors.


The grand Bazaar consists of the main axis and various smaller branches. There are cross roads or lanes which are called Char- Su (four directions). Each lane of bazaar is just like a grand tree which has several branches. One of the main entrances to the grand Bazaar is located at the north of square. Not only the Bazaar has various lanes (branches) but also the main axis is connected to the Seljuk town (the old town). The axis passes in the neighborhood of Jame mosque. In each lane or branch there are entrances to various Hojreh (shop) specializing in particular goods. There are Caravansaries inside the Bazaar. Usually each caravansary has a rectangular shaped open courtyard. A smaller place similar to caravansary is called Timcheh. There are different Timchehs in the bazaar. There are even Theological schools in the Bazaar. Old type public bath houses and several other structures can be seen in the Bazaar.



As mentioned each lane (branch) is specified for manufacturing and selling certain type of goods, such as carpet, shoes, spices, gold, silver, handicrafts bazaars.

The main axis and lanes are about six kilometers long. Domestic tourist and local citizens prefer bazaar than new shopping centers.